* About Undergraduate Program

  The department of Social Psychology at Shih Hsin University is established in 1993. It is the first and still the only department of Social Psychology in Taiwan . The goal of the program is to provide an integrated training in both sociology and psychology to our students. In addition to the basics, the emphasis of the program lies within harnessing the ability to apply and utilize the combined scopes of sociology and psychology, in short, to sharpen the mind from both edges.

The design of the curriculum is centered around the fundamental training in both disciplines, and to further apply on the study and observation of various issues in our current society. There are two unique aspects to the curriculum: 1.The fundamental theories and trainings in both sociology and psychology are fully covered. 2. The application of the disciplinary trainings in the actual local social issues is especially enhanced.

  Based on the research specialties of the faculty members, six major approaches are provided in the course curriculum: marriage and family, media and culture, youth studies, deviant behaviors, business organizations, and helping professions (including both social work, and guidance and counseling).

  Starting from 2009 academic year, students will need to choose their major in either sociology or psychology when they reach their third school year. After the integrated training in both disciplines during their first two years, students will learn to horn in their interests and focus on their chosen specialty with better preparation. This design provides a broaden coverage of the basics, and a more sophisticated context for students to pick their interest of development. Unlike most programs in Taiwan, which required students to head for certain disciplinary training starting from day one, our department provides our students with the unique opportunity to offer the best of both worlds in one integrated program.